Track and Control Flights Up To 30 Miles Away

Call them what you will: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) or Remote Piloted Aerial Vehicles (RPAV). Each is capable of flight far beyond the range of its standard communication link.

SureShot IV–Tracker allows you to dramatically extend the range of your flights. SureShot uses your controller’s NMEA GPS output to calculate the azimuth, elevation and distance to the UAV. It then automatically orients a tracking antenna toward the vehicle with an accuracy of ± 1° vertically and horizontally.

The SureShot system is frequency-independent. It is designed to work with any antenna(s) operating at any frequency. The only caution is that antennas operating at very high frequencies have narrower beam widths.

No matter whether your preference is a parabolic grid (reflector) antenna or an in-line Yagi style antenna, SureShot’s positioner has a mount to accommodate! At 2.4GHz, using these antennas you can typically achieve a gain of 24 to 30 dBi.

In addition, SureShot IV–Tracker uses a predictive algorithm to anticipate the UAV’s movement in case the data link is temporarily interrupted.

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Dual GPS Model

  • Requires no calibration. Simply deploy the system and immediately begin to track.
  • Uses precisely spaced dual GPS antennas and proprietary hardware/firmware that automatically determines the control site’s position within inches.
  • Utilizes the UAV’s NMEA GPS data stream from your controller.
  • During flight operations, SureShot IV–Tracker calculates the UAV’s relative position (azimuth and elevation) to within ± 0.3°, allowing the antenna to keep the UAV well within a typical 24”x36” parabolic antenna’s “sweet spot.”
  • Automatically orients the directional antenna to constantly track the UAV.
  • Includes a predictive algorithm to track the UAV even if its data stream transmission is interrupted, and auto search programming to reacquire, if necessary.
  • Mapping available.

SureShot IV–Tracker Product Description

SureShot IV–Tracker is a GPS-based auto-tracking system specifically designed for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle sector. The Tracker comes in either of two configurations, one pre-calibrated and one that compares SureShot’s coordinates with those of the UAV to calibrate the system. (See Dual and Single GPS Models.)

Diversity antenna inputs (from an omni antenna – for takeoff and close-in tracking – and a highly directional antenna – for distance tracking) are typically used to feed the strongest data stream to your controller.

With the stroke of only two keys, SureShot IV–Tracker immediately acquires the UAV and determines its relative position from the control site.

SureShot IV–Tracker uses a NMEA-formatted GPS string from your controller to constantly update the UAV’s position. As that target moves, SureShot recalculates azimuth and elevation from the control site. It then energizes the appropriate motors in the antenna positioner to pan and/or tilt in order to keep the antenna precisely oriented toward the UAV.

An important feature of the firmware is an algorithm that constantly computes the UAV’s predicted flight path based on its recent and current speed/line of travel. Should there be a break in the data stream from the UAV, SureShot will continue to follow the projected course until the transmission from the UAV is reacquired. If the UAV is not found on the predicted flight path, SureShot will begin orienting the directional antenna in an auto-search grid in order to reacquire contact.

A very useful option is mapping, which can be scaled to provide an extremely wide area view down to street level detail. (See Mapping.)

Models available to operate from 12VDC, 115VAC or 220VAC power supplies.


SureShot IV–Tracker is available with customized mapping software. Mapping is browser based and includes these features:

  • Full color
  • Graphic elements shown:
    • Position of control site
    • Positon and direction of UAV
    • Beam path (bearing)
  • Scalable from 30 miles to street level
    • Level of detail changes with zoom
  • Read-outs shown:
    • Scale of map (in miles or kilometers)
    • UAV Latitude
    • UAV Longitude
    • UAV Elevation (in feet or meters)
    • Distance between control site and UAV (in miles or kilometers)
    • Bearing (in degrees from True North)

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